ADAGOS is a spin-off from the Institute of Mathematics of the University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France) and the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research)

Our mission:

  • Mastering complexity by Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) using simulation data
  • Adapting ROM to any kind of technical data (History data, Internet of Things (IoT)…)
  • State of the art:

  • Linear ROM generates standalone models
  • Nonlinear transient ROM:
    • Inherent instability problems
    • The generated ROM requires the solver (not standalone)
    • Not suitable for embedded real time applications

    Our breakthrough technology:

  • Generating reduced order models from data
  • Replacing information required from the solver by deep learning
  • Taking into account the internal state of a system and its environment by parametric models
  • Solving the instability issue (inherent to transient nonlinear phenomena) for infinitely many parametric models
  • Solving the instability issue inherent to coupled systems
  • Highlights:

  • Embedding heavy 3D simulation via reduced models
  • Extending the field of application of ROM to any kind of technical data

  • Digital twins combines these two contributions

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    ADAGOS is looking for a PhD graduate in applied mathematics. Share with us the passion for mathematics and their applications.