Commercial launch of NeurEco® software on March 11, 2020

NeurEco Essential: It comes with a friendly user graphic interface. It is fully automatic. It doesn't need any experience in AI.  You need just to provide your data to NeurEco and press the build button

NeurEco Pro: It adapts to your way of working. It can be used from Python or Matlab. It interacts with standard AI environments. It includes the NeurEco Essential version.


Get a 50% reduction in the first year on the price of annual single-user licenses


NeurEco Essential NeurEco Pro
Annual single-user license € 3,000
(€ 1,500 the first year)
€ 7,000
(€ 3,500 the first year)
Annual single-user license for companies with less than 10 employees € 1,500
(€ 750 the first year)
€ 7,000
(€ 3,500 the first year)
User Graphic Interface Yes Yes
Graphic processing acceleration Yes Yes
Automatic creation of neural networks Yes Yes
Export to standard neural networks formats No Yes
Interface with Python and Matlab No Yes

For floating and/or perpetual licenses, please contact us.


In view of its release,  we invite you to preorder your licenses now.

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