Our products can be used for solving a wide variety of engineering problems.
These are few applications:


1) Fatigue assessment of engine shaft

The aim of this project was to make a fatigue assessment of an engine shaft subject to three types of solicitations: the engine rotation speed, the couple of the shaft and the couple applied by the engine to the shaft.

Using xROM, we created a model to determine the torsion angle of the shaft based on these solicitations in order to obtain an accurate fatigue cycles counting.

After learning on different shafts, the validation of the model was carried out on six broken shafts and the rainflow estimation of fatigue is close to 100 % for each of studied shafts.

Shaft n°1 Shaft n°2 Shaft n°3 Shaft n°4 Shaft n°5 Shaft n°6
102 100 111 101 97 92



2) Fluid/Solid Coupled Heat Transfer 

The geometry of the test case is given below.

A first case was used for learning the dynamical reduced order model :

A second case was used for prediction :