Patient specific models for decision support in diagnosis

Thanks to diversity of technologies, our products can be used for solving a wide variaty of medical problems.
These are few applications:

  • Coronary artery test case

dynaROM™ allows one to reproduce simulations of arterial systems.

The average velocity is imposed at the inlet of the coronary. The velocity profile in red was used to build the dynaROM™ model. The velocity profile in blue was used for validation.

One can see a good agreement between dynaROM™ predictions and the results obtained by Fluent computations.



  • General Electric incubator

Using dynaROM™ we can command and control nonlinear systems, in this case a General Electric incubator.
dynaROM™’s input is the Thermal power injected in the system and the velocity of the fan. The output is the temperature measured by 6 sensors.

Learning excitations:

Validation excitations:

Validation results: dynaROM™ Model VS reference data (last sensor):


  • Classification ethnicit

deepROM® is a static neural network factory, it can be used for regression or classification.
In this case, combined with a linear compression, deepROM® was used to classify the ethnicity of a set of people using their genome.

It is clear from the figure that our method gives better results. In fact, the failure rate of deepROM® is 4,348%, it is almost half the state of the art’s rate of failure.


ACB: African Caribbeans in Barbados

ASW: Americans of African Ancestry in SW USA

BEB: Bengali from Bangladesh

CDX: Chinese Dai in Xishuangbanna

CEU: Utah Residents (CEPH) with Northern and Western Ancestry

CHB: Han Chinese in Bejing

CHS: Southern Han Chinese

CLM: Colombians from Medellin

ESN: Esan in Nigeria

FIN: Finnish in Finland

GBR: British in England and Scotland

GIH: Gujarati Indian from Houston

GWD: Gambian in Western Divisions in the Gambia

IBS: Iberian Population in Spain

ITU: Indian Telugu from the UK

JPT: Japanese in Tokyo

KHV: Kinh in Ho Chi Minh City

LWK: Luhya in Webuye

MSL: Mende in Sierra Leone

MXL: Mexican Ancestry from Los Angeles

PEL: Peruvians from Lima

PJL: Punjabi from Lahore

PUR: Puerto Ricans

STU: Sri Lankan Tamil from the UK

TSI: Toscani in Italia

YRI: Yoruba in Ibadan



AFR: African

AMR: Ad Mixed American

EAS: East Asian

EUR: European

SAS: South Asian


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