Fluid dynamics

Using reduced order model for coupled solid/fluid case

1) Solid heated bar in a cavity

We consider a coupled solid/fluid case. A flow at given velocity and temperature profile is injected in a cavity. A solid heated bar is fixed in the middle of this cavity. The flow temperature is changing with time. The geometry and mesh are given in next figure.

The data of a simulation corresponding to the “tri” profile (in red in the figure below) is used by dynaROM™ to generate a dynamic reduced order model. Then, the model can predict the flow evolution for three other temperatures profiles: square, sqtri, sinus, defined in the following figure.

The results of these simulations are compared to the reference ones in the following videos. Only the temperature part of the field is presented.

  • “Sinus” profile


  • Sqtri profile


  • Square profile


2) Fluid/Solid Coupled Heat Transfer 

The geometry of the test case is given below.

One first case is used for learning the dynamical reduced order model :

One second case is used for prediction :