Commercial launch of deepROM® software on September 4th 2019

deepROM® is our neural network factory. It excels at automatically deducing the optimal network topology to build a Parsimonious Neural Network perfectly tailored to your data. The whole process is standalone and avoids overlearning. Hence the user only has to provide the learning data and shortly after receives a reliable model.  deepROM® also incorporates a powerful non-linear data compression tool. GPU-accelerated computing functions are of course available.

deepROM® benefited from feedback gained from the realization of many applications made in collaboration with our customers. These experiments have proven the ability of our Parsimonious Neural Networks to reduce resources (including energy) required for implementing machine learning algorithms by orders of magnitude, while achieving excellent accuracy (eg 98.20% on the MNIST case).

In view of its commercial release, scheduled Sept. 4th 2019, we invite you to book your licenses now and thus benefit from a 33% discount on the public rate for an annual license, ie 4,000 euros (instead of 6,000 euros).

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