NeurEco, the automatic parsimonious neural networks factory


NeurEco introduces a new generation of neural networks, based on parsimony. Through NeurEco’s parsimonious approach, the resources required for implementing artificial intelligence are reduced by several order of magnitude.  This includes reduction in learning data, computing resources, development time, and energy consumption.

NeurEco 2.0 is an ANN (artificial neural network) factory. It generates parsimonious ANN models automatically while using only the learning data.

NeurEco 2.0 generates feedforward neural networks. However, it can be used in a recurrent context for dynamic modelling. The parsimony plays a major role in this context.

NeurEco 2.0 can process a large number of parameters and is already suitable for small and medium sized image processing tasks (e.g. classification)

In 2020, two add-ons of NeurEco will be released:

  • A compression/decompression add-on for unsupervised learning will be released in the second quarter of 2020.
  • A convolutional add-on will be releases in the third quarter of 2020.

These add-ons will be provided, without additional cost, to the NeurEco users.


NeurEco 2.0 versions and features
  • NeurEco Essential

This version comes with two interfaces:

  • Command line executable
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Operating it does not require any prior experience in AI. The GUI is user friendly; users only need to provide their data in any commonly used format (csv, npy and MATLAB mat files) and NeurEco will handle the rest.

  • NeurEco Pro

This version adapts to almost any way of working. It includes all the features and interfaces available in the Essential version.

It comes with two additional APIs for Python3 and MATLAB, making the interaction with standard AI environments much easier.

It comes equipped with a diverse exporter, capable of exporting to multiple platforms, ensuring integration with any development or production environment and deployability on a larger number of potential devices.


50% reduction in the first year included in the price

NeurEco Essential NeurEco Pro
Annual single-user license € 1,500 € 3,500
Annual single-user license for companies with less than 10 employees € 750 € 3,500
User Graphic Interface Yes Yes
Graphic processing acceleration Yes Yes
Automatic creation of neural networks Yes Yes
Export to standard neural networks formats No Yes
Interface with Python and Matlab No Yes

For floating and/or perpetual licenses, please contact us.


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