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What our clients say

Michel Rochette Ansys France

The stakes are high for embedded systems and medical applications. For this reason, we maintain a technology watch and are in contact with the most prestigious universities and start-ups to monitor the slightest development in the field. But we didn't have to look far, as breakthrough innovation came from a Toulouse start-up called Adagos. We feel that Adagos is a game changer in this field and bring something different to this space than we have seen before.

Michel Rochette - Director of research @Ansys France


The application of NeurEco to our predictive maintenance project was very interesting. These results are remarkable because the data is rather scarce.



In a complete break with the norm, Adagos is able to create reduced models with a large number of parameters (several hundred in the cases considered). This means that these tools do not seem to be affected by the so-called curse of dimensionality. This is all the more surprising as our parameters vary in very wide intervals and are both discrete and/or continuous. We were pleasantly surprised with the predictive power that Adagos provided us as we had not seen this before.

Jean-Marie Hamy - Technical Project Manager and Design Authority @Framatome


The results were higher than our target and secured a new activity with an OEM.

We have decided to license ADAGOS solution to speed up our embedded AI dev.

Dominique Martineau - Innovation manager @Vitesco


It’s the first time our team has been working with a startup; the technical exchanges with  ADAGOS experts were really valuable to move forward in our research activity.

Franck Desaulty, Sorin Grigorescu - Engineers - @Elektrobit

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