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Frequently asked questions

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Which data formats are currently supported by NeurEco©?

NeurEco© supports: csv (comma-separated values), .npy (Python data files), and .mat (Matlab data files) formats.

Which operating systems are supported by NeurEco©?

NeurEco runs on Windows and Linux (RedHat, Centos, Debian). The code generated by NeurEco is easily ported to any platform.

Is the creation of a neural network by NeurEco fully automatic?

NeurEco is fully automatic and will create the most optimal neural network, for a given dataset.

What about the learning time of NeurEco?

NeurEco selects gradually the most relevant samples to learn, thus dramatically reduces the computing time.

Is it possible to stop NeurEco during the training process?

NeurEco creates a growing neural network. During the learning process, it is possible to explore and evaluate the recorded neural networks (checkpoints), and to stop the learning process at any time as you see fit.

Is it possible to automatically integrate NeurEco in the deployement process?

NeurEco offers a python API that allows its users to implement NeurEco in every step of the process : Training, Testing, Deployement...

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